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WhatsApp plus is a featured version of the WhatsApp app but more of an advanced one. In a world full of social messaging apps like FB messenger, Instagram, and Telegram people always have preferred WhatsApp overall and WA Plus APK V8.55 is a cherry on the top.

The possibilities with this APP are much more than any other messaging APP. Mostly it is used for chatting, making groups, sharing pictures and videos, sharing stories, and calling. With WhatsApp Plus 2021 APK you can do many things and there are many mod features that come very handy while communicating with your friends and family.

whatsapp plus apk

We are going to discuss features, usage manual, installation process, pros and cons of WhatsApp plus in detail and while going through this Review you are going to see how convenient and user friendly this APP is. A big plus point is that WhatsApp plus does not have any hidden charges and is totally free to use.

You can also other types of APK apps available for WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp, FMwhatsapp, whatsapp++ APK, AERO Whatsapp, YOwhatsapp APK, and OGwhatsapp APK. These are all different types of WhatsApp APK and each one of them has distinct features.

whatsapp plus apk


App Information

App NameWhatsApp Plus Apk
File VersionLatest
Andriod Version Required5.0+
Size52.3 MB
License TypeFreeware
Last Updated1 day Ago


Whatsapp plus APK

For those of you who are using GBwhatsapp, you can also download WA plus APK on the same device and use both of them side by side. It works perfectly fine without any error but you should always take precaution with APK versions of WhatsApp. You should always use your secondary number with this APP because of the ban issues.

Whatsapp plus APK was developed by a Spanish developer Rafate back in 2012. He took the idea of original Whatsapp and modified it and added more fun and useful features for people to use. He tweaked some basic codes and changed the frontend interface for users. The logo is changed from green to Gold which totally makes sense as it is more appealing and has a VIP look.

It uses the same level of privacy which is an end to end encryption.

Whatsapp plus APK Legal status

For those of you who are curious about the agility of this APP, let me tell you that this topic is under serious obligations. This APP was removed from Google play store for quite some time but now it is available there for download. Meanwhile, some entities from the industry communicated with the WhatsApp team and the response was not satisfying, as they declared this app illegal and unsafe for user’s privacy. But it is still unclear whether or not it is legal. It falls in the category of grey Apps.


How to Install WhatsApp Plus on Android devices?

It is very easy to install this app which we also discussed earlier. There are some easy steps that have to be taken in order to install this App. Below are the steps to install WhatsApp Plus APK.

  1. The first step is to download the WA plus APK App on your Android device and to do so you have to click the download button below
  2. Now install it on your mobile device.
  3. Now take a backup from your original WhatsApp and to do so open your WhatsApp, go to settings à chats à Backup. now your device will start the process for backup.
  4. After completion of the backup, the next step is to Uninstall your WhatsApp and it Is very simple just go to settings à apps à Whatsapp à uninstall, and that’s it.
  5. Now install the Whatsapp plus APK on your mobile device for which reason you are here.
  6. After installation, the automated process will start and after you provide your mobile number and verify it, provide your name and number and you are all set to use this amazing app.


Whatsapp plus APK features

Whatsapp original and WA plus APK does not have a different user interface, or in simple words, the frontend which we see while using is the same but at the backend the things are different. That’s what we are going to discuss here.

Distinct features and pros


You can share videos longer than 30 seconds with up to 50 Mb of size with HD Quality. Also 100 MB of Audio size. It was not possible in the original one.

Theme options

You can choose different themes and the theme of your liking. You can customize the whole frontend of this APP, like text colors, buttons, and graphics. All this was not possible with the original one. There are more than 600 themes available inside the app and you just have to click on them to use.

A vast range of Emoticons

You now have more collections of emoticons that are derived from Google hangouts. They have a very real look. There is a small drawback for extra emoticons which is if you send it from your Whatsapp plus app to the original app, the newer emoticon will not show up there.

Privacy options

Some people prefer more privacy and they do not want others to see whether if they are online or not. Considering this problem, the developer introduced the hiding option inside this App which allows you to hide your online status from other users. The fun part is that you can always see their online status.


You can always delete all the unnecessary stuff like chats, pictures, and Gifs.

Advanced file sharing options

This is the most useful part for this App which is that you can share files up to 50 MB but in original WA you were allowed to send files up to 16 MB which was really a big problem for most users.

Recording status

You can also hide your recording status from other users.

Auto Reply

You can set an auto-reply of your preference and send to other users but this feature is only available for WhatsApp business accounts.


This is a very fun feature of Whatsapp plus which allows you to set unlimited wallpapers on the frontend. Afterall don’t you love to see a picture of your loved ones every time you open this app.

Fonts and styles

Each one of us has different likings in terms of fonts and styles, that is why this App is capable of changing the font style with a vast range of colors, styles, sizes, and shapes.

History and logs

Well, this is another great feature that allows its users to keep a record for all their activities inside the App which can be used for different reasons.


Whatsapp plus APK drawbacks and cons

There are very few cons for this App but they are there.

Slow Updates

Sometimes you have to wait for months for the new updates as the developer does not releases it on a regular basis.

Legal Issues

This app is not available at Google play store as it faced many legal obligations but you can still download it from different other sources.

Security issues

As this is the tweaked version of the original WA, and developed by a private entity, this app may leak your conversations and other data to third party apps. You should always take precautions while using it.

How to switch from Whatsapp to Whatsapp plus APK

Follow the following procedure to install this App.

1st step: Backup Original WhatsApp

The first step is to back up your data from WA. For that reason, you have to use other software and the best one of them is dr.fone. download dr.fone and install it on your PC or laptop.

2nd step: Connect your device to your PC

Connect your mobile device with your laptop using a USB cable. Open dr.fone on a laptop and select the backup option. The process of backup will start now.

3rd step: view Backup on PC

Once the backup is completed you now have to view back up for confirmation.

4th step: Restore the back up to Whatsapp plus app.

Now restore the backed up data into your new app. This is it.


User Reviews

WhatsApp plus is an all in one app for people who love to customize their chats, themes, fonts, and wallpapers. It is also an advanced version of WhatsApp with great new features. Download WhatsApp plus app and enjoy your chats.


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Number Rating9/10

What is Whatsapp plus?

it is one of the most popular and amazing mod for the original WhatsApp and it is used by millions of people around the world. It allows you to use different features that are not available in the original Whatsapp. You can change the frontend which is the theme, change the style of fonts, hide your online status, and much more.

whatsapp plus apk statistics



Can I use both WhatsApp and Whatsapp plus?

Unfortunately, it is not possible since the system does not allow us to install both apps on the same device.

Final Verdict

As we discussed earlier that you should always use this app with caution because of the legal and data safety issues. Overall this is a very fun messaging app to use and it is the right choice for all those who want to play with different features of this APP.

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